Russia, the USA and China in Central Asia

Russia, the USA and China in Central Asia

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During 1990s Central Asia bore significance mostly as an alternative source of energy and an area of power struggle among the Great Powers but in the 2000s some developments that directly influenced the geopolitics of the region occurred. The most important of these, of course, was the September 11 incident and the ensuing invasion of Afghanistan and the campaign that was launched by the USA targeting the region within the framework of “global war on terror” declared by Bush. Secondly, Russia gathered strength in this period and began to increase its influence on the region and thirdly China was involved remarkably in the geopolitics of Central Asia. It is clear that an understanding of the developments in the region will not be easy without full knowledge of the foundations and progress of the policies pursued by these powers within and outside the region. This book provides a valuable insight into understanding the foreign policies and geopolitical moves of powers such as the USA,...

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