Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in South Asia

Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in South Asia

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The Economic prosperity have always been linked to international trade and inflow of foreign direct investment.However,over past decades,Energy is important input for all major sectors of an economy.But in South Asian region,Governments'' insufficiency to initiate new projects to grow productive capacity of energy coupled with its increasing demand leads to power cutoffs.Which depict the lines of disequilibrium in energy demand and supply.For this region,a very little academic literature exist on why this crisis and what is energy-economic growth relationship.Moreover,previous literature based on simple causality bi-variate analysis.Thus,this book provides panel co-integration analysis for selected South Asian countries.whether economic growth takes precedence over energy use or energy itself motivates for growth.Several reports,data sets and policies are given in order to clarify and support the analysis.Beside this,based on analysis some short-term and long-term plannings,modified...

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