Economics of Urban Informal Sector in Nagaland

Economics of Urban Informal Sector in Nagaland

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This book delves into the study of Urban Informal sector in the Indian state of Nagaland with special focus on Dimapur district. Altogether the book consists of seven chapters. The first chapter deals with the genesis of the concept, definition and the theoretical framework of the study. The second chapter throws light on the area of study. The third chapter looks into the nature of structure and operations. The fourth chapter examines the dynamics of migration among workers in this sector. The fifth chapter studies the nature of entrepreneurship and the determinants of their earnings. The sixth chapter deals with the linkage between the formal and informal sector. The last chapter ends with summary and conclusion. In brief, the book will serve as a stimulus among readers, researchers in understanding the gamut of this sector and add knowledge to the existing literature on informal sector.

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