Economic Valuation of Conservational Benefits of Wetland Ecosystem

Economic Valuation of Conservational Benefits of Wetland Ecosystem

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Natural wetland ecosystems are the most productive ecosystems on the globe. In spite of their numerous benefits, currently, they are the most continuously threatened in many parts of the world. Thus, the world has yet to fully come to grasps with how to appreciate and conserve them. Hence, economic valuation of these wetlands is an obvious requirement for any inclusive practical policy design to mobilize stakeholders for its sustainable conservation and management. Thus, this book presents the economic valuation of conservational benefits of wetland ecosystem. In this book, conservational benefits, determinants of WTP and welfare implications of wetland are evaluated. The analysis should help any country who endowed by natural resources and beneficiaries of a given a natural wetland ecosystems plus who interest to grasp the concept economic valuation of a wetland and how to design hypothetical market scenario, and should be used for any policy makers and planners concerning decisions...

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