Economic Diversification Of Mining Towns In Namibia

Economic Diversification Of Mining Towns In Namibia

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Arandis in Namibia is one of a mining town that was established in the early 1970s to house mine employees of Rossing Uranium Mine. The economy of mining towns like Arandis is pre-dominated by mining and this pose a threat to the economic future of the town once the mineral gets depleted. The purpose of the study was to investigate the potential economic diversification opportunities for Arandis as a mining dependent town. The results of this study help national and local authorities to develop strategies to diversify economies of mining towns for sustainable economic growth and development. The results of findings show that Arandis town is predominantly a mining town but has the potential for economic diversification and policies and plans have been put in place by GRN and Arandis town council to facilitate economic diversification processes. It is recommended that both GRN and Arandis town council should prioritise the successful implementation of local economic development policies...

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